Eavesdropping detection

Eavesdropping detection  Euro-Soft performs tapping detection according to the TSCM recommendation. We use the latest generation equipment which guarantees the achievement of the intended goals. Employees have appropriate certificates and extensive experience in the field of counterintelligence protec.

Eavesdropping Detection
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TSCM Institute Membership. The person performing the Sweep is TSCM Institute Member TSCM (technical surveillance counter-measures) is the original United States Federal government abbreviation denoting the process of bug-sweeping or electronic countersurveillance. It is related to ELINT, SIGINT and electronic countermeasures (ECM). The United States Department of Defense defines a TSCM survey as a service provided by qualified personnel to detect the presence of technical surveillance devices and hazards and to identify technical security weaknesses that could aid in the conduct of a technical penetration of the surveyed facility. A TSCM survey will provide a professional evaluation of the facility's technical security posture and normally will consist of a thorough visual, electronic, and physical examination in and about the surveyed facility. This definition is however lacking some of the technical scope involved. COMSEC (communications security), ITSEC (information technology security) and physical security are also a major part of the work in the modern environment. The advent of multimedia devices and remote control technologies allow huge scope for removal of massive amounts of data in very secure environments by the staff employed within, with or without their knowledge. Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) can best be defined as The systematic physical and electronic examination of a designated area by properly trained, qualified and equipped persons in an attempt to discover electronic eavesdropping devices, security hazards or security weaknesses. Methodology.

Radio frequencies.
Most bugs transmit information, whether data, video, or voice, through the air by using radio waves. The standard counter-measure for bugs of this nature is to search for such an attack with a radio frequency (RF) receiver. Lab and even field-quality receivers are very expensive and a good, working knowledge of RF theory is needed to operate the equipment effectively. Counter-measures like burst transmission and spread spectrum make detection more difficult. The timing of detection surveys and location scans is critical to success, and varies with the type of location being scanned. For permanent facilities, scans and surveys must take place during working hours to detect remotely switchable devices that are turned off during non-working hours to defeat detection.[7]

Devices that do not emit radio waves.
Instead of transmitting conversations, bugs may record them. Bugs that do not emit radio waves are very difficult to detect, though there are a number of options for detecting such bugs. Very sensitive equipment could be used to look for magnetic fields, or for the characteristic electrical noise emitted by the computerized technology in digital tape recorders; however, if the place being monitored has many computers, photocopiers, or other pieces of electrical equipment installed, it may become very difficult. Items such as audio recorders can be very difficult to detect using electronic equipment. Most of these items will be discovered through a physical search. Another method is using very sensitive thermal cameras to detect residual heat of a bug, or power supply, that may be concealed in a wall or ceiling. The device is found by locating a hot spot the device generates that can be detected by the thermal camera. A method does exist to find hidden recorders, as these typically use a well known frequency for the clock which can never be totally shielded. A combination of existing techniques and resonance sweeps can often pick up even a defunct or "dead" bug in this way by measuring recent changes in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Eavesdropping Detection Equipment 
Spectrum analyzer Oscor Green



Eavesdropping detection  Euro-Soft performs tapping detection according to the TSCM recommendation. We use the latest generation equipment which guarantees the achievement of the intended goals. Employees have appropriate certificates and extensive experience in the field of counterintelligence protec.

Eavesdropping detection procedures.

Eavesdropping Detection

Before detecting the wiretap in specific rooms, the background level is measured within a radius of 100 m from the rooms being checked. The purpose of reading the background radiation level is to obtain baseline values ​​occurring in the examined space. Performing basic measurements and measurements in specific rooms will allow identification of signals that are a sought after threat. Combining these analyzes in one file and then displaying them on the screen gives a clear picture of the existing state of the electromagnetic space. Below is a background analysis carried out during a security audit.

Eavesdropping Detection Oscor Green.

Above, the results of measurements made in each of the four rooms examined are presented. Noteworthy is the signal of the blue color, which only appears in room no. 4. Below, we present the sequence of activities during the collective analysis of the background of the examined rooms.

Detecting eavesdropping on the phone.

Eavesdropping Detection Mobile Forensics Downloading information from the phone is done using the UFED 4PC application. Data decoding is performed by the UFED Analizer application.

In the above presentation, we show a complete process of reading information from the phone. We also read information deleted by performing the "delete" procedure. Presented is the process of checking the phone for viruses, Trojans and spy applications installed in it. This process is based on the comparison of the current database downloaded from Cellebrite with the database from the phone being tested.

Our equipment base.

Eavesdropping Detection Oscor 5000 E

Spectrum Analyzer Oscor 5000 E

Oscor 5000 E in combination with a PC was a great tool for detecting wiretaps. Unfortunately, his time has passed. We are currently working at Oscor Green.




Eavesdropping Detection Oscor GreenSpectrum Analyzer Oscor Green.

The OSCOR Green is designed for commercial applications to detect illicit eavesdropping signals, perform site surveys for communication systems, conduct radio frequency (RF) emissions analysis, and investigate misuse of the RF spectrum. OSCOR Green scans  in one (1) second ensuring spectrum activity is captured, which is the equivalent of capturing 2,000,000 data points per second.

Eavesdropping Detection Spektran 5SPECTRAN V5 + HyperLOG 30100.

Presents the SPECTRAN V5, a Handheld Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer designed to capture even shortest signal transmissions. With this Spectrum Analyzer you can master all the challenges. Wether it is for spectrum monitoring, RF and microwave measurements, Interference hunting, EMC testing or Wi-Fi and wireless network measurements, the SPECTRAN V5 is the ideal Spectrum Analyzer for making reliable and fast measurements.

Eavesdropping Detection Lornet 24Lornet 24 Non-Linear Junction Detector (NLJD).

Non-Linear Junction Detector detects the presence of electronics, regardless of whether the electronic target is radiating, hard wired, or even turned off. The Lornet 24 locates hidden electronics in walls, floors, ceilings, fixtures, furniture, or containers. An antenna-mounted line-of-sight display lets the operator focus on the target while sweeping.  The Lornet 24 transmits at 2.4GHz frequency for detecting small electronics such as SIM cards and cell phones.

Eavesdropping Detection Optic 3OPTICS-2

The detection method implemented in the "Optics-2" is based on the optical detection and allows to detect video cameras due to the effect of reverse reflection or "reverse blink". Upon detection of a hidden camera you will see a green or red dot in the Optic-2 lens as a result of reflection.

Eavesdropping Detection CAM-155CAM-105w

The CAM-105w is designed to detect and locate transmissions from cellular mobile phone based devices including mobile phones, smartphones, vehicle trackers, GSM listening devices (bugs) and covert wireless 3G/4G cameras. It can be used in sensitive meeting rooms to check for hidden devices, unauthorised mobile phone usage in offices, exam halls, hospitals or prisons and in vehicles to locate hidden tracking devices. The CAM-105w also has a separate 2400 Mhz band detector for detecting the rapidly growing threat from Wifi/Bluetooth/Video devices.

Eavesdropping DetectionFLIR E8 & E60 Thermal Imaging Camera, 320 x 240 IR-MSX Resolution.

Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) for easier interpretation of an image - adds visible spectrum definition to IR images by detecting the edges of objects and including that detail in the thermal image. Text becomes clearly visible so that you can read a label or identifier within the IR image. This exclusive function provides extraordinary thermal detail that instantly highlights and orients problem locations and eliminates the need to refer back to a visual image for detail.

Eavesdropping DetectionCELLEBRITE Physical Analyzer.

The UFED Physical Analyzer is the most powerful and technologically advanced mobile forensic application available. It exposes every segment of a device’s memory data and provides in-depth decoding, analysis and reporting methods. Features include: Malware Detection – On-demand searches for viruses, spyware, Trojans and other malicious payloads in fi­les, Project Analytics – View statistics on communications and identifying relationship strengths Rich Set of Data – Includes calendar, call logs, contacts, SMS, MMS, chats, applications etc. The advanced application for decoding, analysis and reporting.

Eavesdropping Detection

   Inspection camera

Telescopic inspection camera with images and voice recorder. The camera has a zoom and adjustable lens illumination.   Eavesdropping DetectionInspection mirror for direct inspection.    

Confidential information has been deliberately removed.

Tapping detection is performed by a TSCM member.

Eavesdropping Detection

Eavesdropping Detection

Confirmation of language proficiency on the level set by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Eavesdropping Detection Eavesdropping Detection

Certificate of training completed in REI.

Eavesdropping Detection

Diploma of completion of the Military University of Technology.

Eavesdropping Detection

The court's decision to appoint an expert.

Eavesdropping Detection


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